Join us for some Holiday Fun!

This summer break, Watobe will be running holiday classes.

These are all about having fun and spending time with your Watobe classmates!

You will also receive riddles and puzzles each week. Impress your friends and family by challenging them with these brainteasers.

Why join holiday classes?

  • They keep your brain exercised.
  • They are super fun and social.
  • They are FREE.

How to join?

1. Make sure your account is in credit.

If you don’t, please add credit. We have our 2023 Early Bird Discount running at the moment so you can get some great deals!

If your account access has expired, simply add some credit to your account – it will be applied to the 2023 school year and we’ll give you holiday classes for free!

Send us a message on WhatsApp if you have any question or if you need a payment link.

2. Bring good vibes.

We want you to have fun. Bring that summer energy to class.

3. Check your schedule to see if you can make it.