Trigonometry [Foundation]

In this course, we will cover the topic of trigonometry. The course will be broken up into three main sections. The first will be the fundamentals of trig, such as finding unknown sides or angles, and understanding import definitions. This will be followed by a section that focuses on trig identities and reduction formulae. The final section will concentrate on solving trig equations and finding general solutions.

Each section will have an introductory lesson (basics) and an application lesson (stepping up). The course ends with revision lesson and a lesson where we work through past paper trig questions. All this should give you a solid grounding in the main ideas relevant to trigonometry in Grade 11.

The Foundation level course will focus on the core ideas that are important for this topic. The Standard course will cover these same core ideas but in less time, so that we can include some more challenging questions that require deeper application of the core ideas.

Hope to see many of you soon in class! Mr S (: