Welcome to the captivating world of Geometry Mastery! In this comprehensive course, we’ll journey through six dynamic lessons of geometric exploration and discovery.

During the first week, you’ll unlock the art of Construction Geometry. With compasses and rulers as your allies, you’ll master the skill of accurately drawing lines, angles and polygons. You’ll also dive into the construction of perpendicular and parallel lines, refining your precision and spatial understanding.

In Week 2, you’ll unravel the Geometry of 2D Shapes. You will be Immersed in the realm of polygons, investigating angles, side lengths and unique properties. You’ll decode the mysteries of quadrilaterals and triangles, uncovering their hidden secrets and relationships.

Transitioning into Week 3, Transformation Geometry will be your focus. Embark on a journey of translations, reflections, rotations and beyond. Witness the power of shape manipulation as you solve puzzles and real-world challenges, honing your spatial intuition and critical thinking.

Get ready to transform your understanding of geometry in this engaging course. By the end, you’ll be equipped with an arsenal of geometric skills and insights that will empower you to tackle any challenge that the world of shapes and transformations presents.