Past Exam Papers

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Here are some resources to help you with your revision for the final math exams.

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List of past paper
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2021 Maths P1
2021 Maths P1 Memo
2020 Maths P1
2020 Maths P1 Memo

2021 Maths P2
2021 Maths P2 Memo
2020 Maths P2
2020 Maths P2 Memo

IEB 2021 Maths P1
IEB 2021 Maths P1 Memo
IEB 2020 Maths P1
IEB 2020 Maths P1 Memo

IEB 2021 Maths P2
IEB 2021 Maths P2 Memo
IEB 2020 Maths P2
IEB 2020 Maths P2 Memo

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