Intersection Points, Interpreting Graphs

In this course, we explore the topic of intersections points between different types of functions – straight line, parabola, exponential, hyperbola and trig functions. We will also look at general interpretation questions related to these functions.

We will start by looking at how to find intersection points between straight lines and parabolas. Thereafter at how to find intersection points when hyperbolas and exponential functions are also involved. After that we will move our attention to general graphing interpretation questions.

The first lesson will focus on questions related to domain and range. The second lesson focuses on transforming functions and understanding where functions are positive or negative. Finally we will look at how to find intersection points for intersecting trig functions by using trig equations as well as related interpretation questions.

The Foundation level course focuses on the core ideas that are important for this topic, while this Standard course will cover the same core ideas but will also include some harder questions that require more application of the core ideas.

Hope to see many of you soon in class! Mr S (: